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🧠 Knowing vs Understanding

Morning Motivation
🧠 Knowing vs Understanding
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Good morning. A selection of great tweets to get your day started right.

Could share Visualize Value tweets all day.
Naval will get your mind fired up this morning.
Excellent thread that every creator, builder, writer, entrepreneur, etc needs to read. Imitate, then innovate.
David Perell
Three words to improve any skill: Imitate, then innovate.

Find your favorite creators, copy their style, and you'll eventually develop your own.

Here's my mini-essay.
Proof of work. Don’t throw around links to your product without showing that it works. On twitter or anywhere.
Selling a sales course?

Show how many sales you've closed.

Selling a writing course?

Show how your writing performs online.

Selling a lead gen course?

Show how many appointments you get.

Selling a copywriting course?

Show how well your copy converts.

Proof of work = $$$
Grab a coffee, pen & paper and a quiet spot to think through these questions from Greg Isenberg.
Normalize self-reflections questions. They make us better versions of ourselves.

15 questions to make you rethink your life:
I read this and then decided to outsource something I was going to spend too long creating.
Rounding off today’s issue with this reminder…
Inc πŸ¦βš”οΈ
Your children can't inherit your 9-5 job

But they can inherit your business and real estate

Act accordingly
Done. See you next issue.
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